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What Families Need to Look For When Choosing 30A

What Families Need to Look For When Choosing 30A

Searching for a home can be difficult, especially if you aren’t familiar with the process. When searching within a subsection of a local housing market, like 30A homes, there are a few extra considerations to factor in. Think through these points to find the perfect 30A home for you and your family.

The right agent

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As with any search for a home, working with a local and knowledgeable real estate agent is a large asset to the buying process. Make sure to research agents who specialize in 30A homes, as they’ll have a better understanding of aspects like the 30A housing market, the available properties in the area that match with your needs, and the price range of the properties.

An agent will also know the surrounding areas and neighborhoods, and explain the surrounding area’s amenities, such as proximity to schools, playgrounds, and shopping centers. Once you do find a home you love, an agent will help you make an offer and negotiate with the seller to get the best deal. An agent will also have several connections to professionals you may need, like a mortgage lender, home inspector, and others.

The location

When searching for 30A homes for sale, the next thing to consider is location. The 30A location in Florida is a great area for families, as it’s less crowded than other Emerald Coast locations. Do your research to see if the 30A east or west area is the best location for your family. Also consider the different communities within the 30A area, such as Santa Rosa Beach, Seaside, or Prominence. Your real estate agent can guide you towards the best community for your family to live in, whether you have younger kids or teens.

Also consider what is in and around different areas and locations. Are you searching for a good school system, or someplace to spend a fun weekend on the beach? The area provides both, with its highly rated public schools and several white sand beaches. Also search for practical things like your proximity to grocery stores, pediatricians or family doctors, auto repair shops, and veterinarians.

The size and layout

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The next factor to consider is the size of the home. Make sure that the home itself is big enough for you and your family or any pets. If you see your family growing in the future, look for a home with an extra room or two.  A property with large common areas like the kitchen, living room, and backyard are important if you like hosting dinners or gatherings. Also take stock of your belongings and furniture you currently have, and imagine how it would fit in the rooms and storage spaces of the properties you’re searching for.

You should also consider the layout of the home. For example, do you want the master bedroom to be near a young child’s bedroom, or away from an older child’s room for privacy? Also think about things like an open floor plan. Some buyers enjoy the flow of a kitchen into a living room, while others prefer distinctly separated rooms. Consider how you want to use the space, and observe the layout accordingly.

The design and style

30A real estate is overall gorgeous, both in location and design, although there is still wiggle room for personal taste. A home in this area should be built with high quality materials, a solid foundation, and be unique compared to other properties in the area. Before choosing a home, make sure the property adheres to these factors to ensure you invest in a home that will appreciate in value.

Also think about design choices that are both beautiful to look at, practical to maintain, and safe for children. Materials like hardwood, marble for countertops, and adornments like a glass chandelier all make a home stand out. If you’re searching for homes on the beachfront, make sure the windows provide an unobstructed view of the Gulf of Mexico.

Maintenance needs

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Before deciding on a home, account for any maintenance needs the property may need. A luxury 30A home should be relatively low-maintenance, as it would consist of durable and quality materials like a hard coat stucco to resist saltwater corrosion. Consider how much you’re willing to put into a property, and how that affects the livability of the home.

Another aspect connected to maintenance is budget. If you’re searching for a home that’s move-in ready for your family, it will cost more than one that needs a little work. If time and money isn’t an issue for you, then wait it out for the best property on the market. But for families who are more invested in the great location and don’t mind the extra work, finding a property that only needs a couple more repairs can be well worth it.

Possibility of renting

Given its Emerald Coast location, 30A homes provide ample opportunity for families to rent out their homes if they’re interested. If you plan on buying a 30A home as a vacation property for your family, then it may be worth investing into the rental market for the times when you aren’t using the home. In this case, make sure to research the rental properties in the area, as well as the area’s popularity with tourists, before you make your choice.

However, the 30A location itself is a  great place to live in general, like for families looking for primary residences in the area. As your family grows into and out of the property, the option to rent out the property still remains for the future if it’s something you’re interested in.

Ready to search for 30A real estate?

When searching for a 30A home for your family, make sure to think about the location and size of the home, as well as other factors like renting and maintenance. For help in the home search, contact Hilary Farnum-Fasth and Jacob Watkins to guide you through the process.

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